Team Selection

How Are Team Members Selected?

Through the project we are seeking to develop the skills and self-confidence of young people and empower them to effect their own change when they return to the UK.  The suitability of an individual is incredibly important given the personal challenge they may face in a foreign land and vastly different culture without the comfort of home.


Therefore, it is important that any fully funded place on each project goes to someone who the foundation believes will complement the team and will embrace the honest, open and challenging ethos of the project and also the local charities with whom we collaborate. Whilst the project is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth we all carry a great deal of responsibility to deliver on our promise to the disadvantaged communities we engage with.


To identify these individuals we work closely with established youth projects and schools and thus have a direct link with some of the young people for whom the Huckleberry Foundation is intended. There may also be occasions when specific individuals are brought to our attention from other organisations through personal or professional links.

Whatever the forum for identifying appropriate beneficiaries, once identified, these young people will be invited to attend, with parents or carers, an informational evening about the Foundation after which individuals will be invited to apply to join a project.




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