The Huckleberry Community

It is important to the Foundation that the unique sense of shared experience, achievement, affiliation and belonging that is created within the projects is not forgotten and that the Huckleberry spirit remains within a growing Huckleberry community. Please click on the TESTIMONIALS tab on the right to read what past team members have said about their experience.



Team members from past projects and all future Foundation projects have and will be invited to become a patron for the charity. A list of whom can be downloaded by clicking the PATRONS tab on the right.



It is also hoped that through the relationships established over such an intense and potentially life-changing experience that we can act as an accepted and welcomed mentor, friend, referee and advocate for all past team-members.


We also hope that our engagement with corporations through the Huckleberry Initiative will open up further opportunities for young people to gain access to, and be mentored by, existing corporate managers and leaders.



We do not wish to work with any organisation that does not have an authority or code of practice to which it is bound and as such we only wish to work with recognised indigenous charities or official organisations that have a governing body to whom they are answerable. This is to ensure sustainability and an important foundation level of trust.


By partnering such indigenous organisations with local knowledge, expertise and existing community relationships we are able to respond to the needs as highlighted by the local community and select appropriate projects to embark upon.



"Bringing the best out of people and making great things happen"