The concept of each project is to facilitate, through appropriate support, training and experiential learning, enormous personal growth in each young persons confidence, competence, self-esteem, self-belief, respect of others and willingness to take the initiative. In essence it is about bringing the best out of each individual and helping them become a better person through the transferable nature of the skills and training they will receive, thus enabling them to be better equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that may present themselves in the future.


The training received by the young people from the UK is an on-going and fluid aspect of the project and will consist of four key areas, some of which will be experiential and drawn on in reflective workshop groups whilst others will be more formal:


  1. cultural awareness: recognising, understanding and adapting to different circumstances in order to achieve the best outcome for all parties and to fulfill your objectives.
  2. personal improvement: recognising, understanding and responding to ones own strengths and weaknesses without fear of coming across as either too confident or too vulnerable.
  3. teacher training: techniques and methods to assist in the planning, preparation and delivery of lessons. Managing class activities, behaviour, outcomes and developing the framework to become a competent and confident leader, communicator and public speaker.
  4. working in a team: recognising, understanding, adapting, responding, and accepting the strengths and weaknesses of different members of a team. Identifying, developing and employing different methods to actively assist in the development of a strong cohesive group. Recognising the value and strength of individuals within a team. Conflict resolution.




"Bringing the best out of people and making great things happen"