Our Philosophy

Huckleberry Initiative has a specialist interest in facilitating both personal, professional and organisational development in unison. This is achieved by unlocking the personal and often private aspects and fears faced by people in an attempt to challenge the constraints that are so often self-imposed obstacles to their own professional achievement and their organisations development.


By helping professionals gain a self-awareness that will enable them to manage up, across and down and by helping them develop a self-responsibility and ownership of all perceived problems within the workplace, we act as a catalyst to the change required for success and enrichment both within individuals and organisation wide.



About the founder Duncan Hewson

Educated at the British School in the Netherlands between the ages of 8 and 12 and then as a boarder at Malvern College, Duncan has always had an adventurous and independent spirit, a spirit that has always seen him looking for and developing opportunities that have, and he hopes always will, challenge and inspire both himself and others.


Duncan HewsonHaving been voted on to the Governing Body and then JCR Treasurer for his College at Durham University his journey into corporate management was well mapped out. However, after a seminal moment during a second round of graduate recruitment interviews with ICI he had a change of heart. On graduating in Economics and Sociology in 1995 he specifically chose to turn his back on a career within the corporate sector and instead headed out to Uganda, East Africa to put something back into the world through development work.


At only 22 years of age and without the support of any umbrella organisation or established contacts he took complete responsibility of the leadership and management of a failing rural community conservation and education project previously established, and subsequently left to fail, by foreign aid grants. With more than 12 staff, over 6 months salary in arrears, no management structure, no revenue stream and equipped only with what he had brought from the UK, he set to work on turning things round.


Without running water, electricity, transport or tele-communications he quickly developed a marketing campaign that saw adverts appear across the African continent and gain publication in both Lonely Planet and Bradt Guides. Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve was born and within four months the revenue stream created from eco-tourism had covered all outstanding salaries, a streamlined and structured workforce established, a community constitution, education and conservation program written and a model of self-sustainability established.


An opportunity had presented itself that, whilst beset with all manner of trials and tribulations, served to establish Duncan’s core management and leadership style and more importantly help mould his approach to people and life in general. This was to all intents and purposes the springboard that led to his 12 years in the education sector leading overseas education and development projects, teaching Economics and Business to GCSE, A-Level and IB students, training colleagues, managing numerous departments, leading countless initiatives and playing an integral role within the Senior Management Team as Director of Sixth Form.


The creation of the Huckleberry Group is the natural progression to Duncan’s on-going journey to provide opportunities to inspire and promote self-improvement in both himself and others. The personal and professional development that he has both experienced and also witnessed in others throughout his career has led to this deliberate approach to pioneer a direct link between the corporate, education, charity and overseas development sectors.


"Bringing the best out of people and making great things happen"