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Vusumzi Primary School

Vusumzi Primary school, located in the black township of Nomatansanxcha, is the destination of A.V. Bukani school leavers and whilst it is less than a kilometer down the road from it’s feeder school it is light years away in respect of it’s facilities and resources. Due to the strong leadership at the top it was accepted into the Calabash cluster of schools early in 2010. With most classrooms equipped only with broken tables, chairs and windows and between 30 to 40 students per class, and 6 classes per year, it was amazing the sense of pride and ownership both the staff and pupils had of their school.


The project was another playing field the size of a full size soccer pitch that required tapping into the mains water pipe running parallel to the main road and the school fence. Taking the decision to dig up the road, block the traffic and turn off the water supply to half of the township was a big call but one that needed to be made and  the community involvement in the project was incredibly humbling.


Perhaps the most memorable moment was watching the whole school come out on to the field and help plant the thousands of clods of grass prepared by the team. What took three days the previous year took under an hour at Vusumzi.